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Outline of Interview Feb 31, 1973 William Fulton
Side A
7-introduction by Jane Drury
8-business life spent in New York/ New Jersey
20-speaks about Poughkeepsie
32-came back to Chelmsford in 1946, five years on Westford Street
43-was in class that planted the Beech Tree on the Common, holding shovel in picture / tree was not as thick as his cane/ sophomore year
60-speaks about classmates
71-talks about Mrs. Fulton's father
90-he was youngest in his class
96-talks about Arnold Perham
101-high school was three years at that time
119-speaks of a #2 school at Lark & Davis Road
133-Graniteville Road is relatively new
145-Richardsons moved to Boulder Farm near Davis Road (referring to map), Edward Richardson lived there, they must have had a large land grant
190-his father died after he was born/never knew him/ speaks about family members, father had five children with two wives before his death
235-speaks about different names with father's first wife
256-no birth certificate with his name, not registered
268-asked about what he knows of the Academy Street house
295-talks of taking photos in the area of this house
302-explains changes to the house made after 1951; talks about Stoddard Lumber used in house before changes
399-December 1813 Caleb Abbott loaned Mr. Lang $800 for three months/ if not paid by then the title of land was given up

End of interview
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