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Outline of Interview Feb 24, 1975 Ruby Emery
08-born in Lowell
12-father employed in Moore's Mill
29-lived on Shaw Ave. North Chelmsford, near the railroad tracks
37-moved to 35 Holt street, near Crystal Lake
49-remembers Boston Ice Houses near the railroad tracks
56-process of cutting and harvesting ice
70-Crystal Lake as a popular resort
78-recreation, ice fishing and skating
88-Gage Ice Company, Lowell
108-school in the North section, located where the fire station is today, on Princeton Street
111-dinner pails
147-growth of the town
152-blacksmith shop in Center
160-Odd Fellows Hall-Central Block,site of First Bank and Trust Comphny today
170-piano playing
174-organist at All Saints Episcopal Church for sixteen years
187-played in three piece group that traveled through the area.
199-history of house which Miss Emery lives in the Old Mill House, probably built in 1678
226-cold winters
238-snow clearing in town
245-grocery deliveries
249-Golden Cove Racetrack
262-"A" plow to clear sidewalks of snow
284-out house at school
289-heating the school
311-spelling bees
313-phonetics as the basis of reading
339-lessond of wildlife t learning incemtives
349-herbal cures
383-proposes "Senior Citizen Schools" to educate youth
398-old fashioned cures
409-courtesy of early days, particularly toward adults
423-size of classes, usually one class per grade in high school there were only two grades, one for freshmen and sophomores one for juniors and seniors
432-teachers were usually women who had graduated from the Normal School in Lowell
442-schools in those days taught conservation
469-Center Railroad Station
474-Gay Street Library, not used much
502-importance of correct spelling
512-problems with present educational system
528-busy North Chelmsford Mills
531-foundry, leather factory
537-Gilet Mill, along the canal, wool plant
543-mills are still there
549-Gilet used to be Moore's Silesia Mills on Middlesex Street
553-activity usually associated to Church functions
559-recreation on Crystal Lake Steinberg's entertainment center, orchestras, dancing, boats, skating located on Groton Road
570-music studies
576-Vaudeville in Lowell, Lauriat Club on Upper Merrimack Street
653-Rialto Theatre
656-Merrimack Square Theatre, Paige Street
660-subject played organ for Silent Films
678-pianist makes the show, explains the process for playing for the films
687-Cue sheets
690-pianist must choose own music

189-Five and Ten stores, Woolworth's, played piano at these stores as a means of selling music peices started at age sixteen
249-played for the Eastern Star Association
276-Rev. Wilson Waters of All Saints Episcopal
306-reference to a charcoal portrait of Waters
329-beginnings of bakery business
354-Women's Exchange
370-business at the end of the Depression discussion of original site
384-after two years moved to site of Old Mill House
386-History of the Old Mill House
462-closed after thirty two years of business
587-Tea Room
623-Commander MacMillan of the North Pole

End of interview
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