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Outline of Interview Aug 29, 1974 Robert Picken
Side A
4-introduction by Jane Drury
9-1707 Adams House next to his office
15-older houses in the north area
29-Brick house 1703 belongs to Adams Family/ T. J. Adams
37-on the other side of his office was the tavern, it was moved back and forth around 1900 to be away from the church
54-Edward's Avenue No. 14 or 16
75-Mrs. M. Howard on Groton Road (oldest in north)
84-discussing style of the houses
109-oldest mill building in north (now belongs to Southwell Co.)
120-Gay St., these houses were for mill workers, also the first library was here on this street
145-6 Groton Road is the oldest in North Chelmsford, now owned by Francis Miskell
160-18/20 Dunstable Road, have gone inside and are discussing age of house
191-discussing old houses across from Mr. Welch's office, 17 to 21 Dunstable Road
201-37 Dunstable Road
223-100 Dunstable Road (1707)
235-Grist Mill Story (Swain Pond)
240-3 Mission Road, Spaulding House 1803-1812, Ma Swain lived here
263-two houses torn down on Tyngsboro Road
292-corner of Gay and Middlesex Street was the location of the first church in north
305-information about canal coming out of Crystal Lake, stories about gates and locks
333-left side of Vinal Square was the Warton House wihich was the oldest house in north, burned down
358-end of Swain Road was old house, Arnie Olson joins Jane and Robert
410-discuss various people, houses, building materials

Side B
448-Mrs. Sheldon's history
462-Johnny Buchanan knows history of the north area/ try to speak to him
473-Arnie's history via Robert
481-Chelmsford Foundry 1850's
495-Cottage Row houses and Gay Street houses
500-Hyde House on Washington Street
525-Sampson's lived on Cottage Row
536-discussing cemetery stones and various pictures people have
560-discuss people coming from Lowell
562-discussing the Hyde Family history
585-Sheldon House
596-Capt. Pierce House
612-Swain House/ Machine Shop (they lived on Gay St.)
650-discussing taking names from the cemetery and a special stone, its care, left in will, library trustee controls this request
688-Hyde House, third up from Town Hall
702-43 Gay Street (Robert Picken's parents lived here)
728-15 Cottage Row, granite slabs for foundations
758-other houses on Princeton Street

End of interview
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