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Outline of Interview Mar 13, 1972 Margaret Mills
Side A
3-introduction by Jane Drury for Margaret Mills regarding various houses in town
20-8 Mill Road/ Pinkham House history
21-101 Mill Road, A. Russell House history
44-171 Mill Road, Neilson House
55-75 Concord Road/ Frederick Cross owner with history
70-203 Boston Road, Hazen House owned by Harvey Family
83-189 Boston Road/ get in touch with B. Mildred Waldren, she should know the history
91-134 Boston Road/ information regarding the clock on the barn
107-Manning House, Miss Martha Warren, belongs in Julia Warren Fog's Family
115-59 Boston Road, Lamfair, Mrs. George Archer might know the history
125-15 Bartlett Street, Dr. John Bartlett House's history
136-4 Bartlett Street, J. Adams Bartlett House's history
166-Irving Sweetzer House in Chelmsford Center, in 1972 it became an office building, now occupied by Brad Emerson, 1803 built by Dr. Kittridge and more history information
194-24 Central Square/ Mill House history
202-used to be the Manning Tavern (21-22), 109 Billerica Street, J. S. Spaulding House, the various uses and history
224-47 Golden Cove Road's history
241-Old Westford Road/ there is a Spaulding House/ move on up to School Street and there was a schoolhouse, section North Row had a Garvey House, part was a schoolhouse
271-32 Billerica Road/ Holt House history
281-10 Worthen Street/ Sam Davis Russell House history
293-Rev. Esiaciah Packard House history, built 1793-1794, 16 Westford Street, Margaret Mills lives here now and gives an extensive history of the changes in the house

Side B
439-continues with the changes made to the house, barn, corncrib, and wall
540-huge tree trunk still in yard of this house, was white mulberry tree
555-Margaret goes back to the house again, built in Federal manor and compares this house with 12 Westford Street
586-8 Westford Street, this house had no architect, see plate glass windows, heavy pillars, she also tells more on history of these Westford Street houses
614-she mentions discovery of Indian graves, springs, artifacts
630-77 Westford Street, D. C. Perham House history, very very old house, beautifully restored
642-304 Westford Road, Robert Fletcher House
670-6 North Road, Winn Emerson House, mentions the Stoddard Family's history
757-Stoddard Minister's history in relation to this house
766-Margaret goes back to the Winn Emerson House
777-James P. Emerson House history, 11 North Road
819-39 North Road, A. William Fletcher House history and discoveries found in house

End of interview
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