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Outline of Interview Mar 25, 1975 Florence Crosby
22-born in Nottingham, England
33-came to America at an early age
40-born in 1880
49-cane here arpund 1884-1885
53-reasons for family's move to America
59-father and sister visited friends in Lowell
65-work in England was scarce as father went first to Boston
87-found work in Lowell, then moved the family up
92-furniture shop
105-later opened his own furniture store
114-worked first for Manning and Leighton
120-father's anme was Robert Harmston
124-always liked Lowell
127-Butler School
135-remembers principal was always interested in England
144 -originally lived with friends in Boston
163-lived in Wigginville section of Lowell (near Moore Street)
181-father worked nearby
208-walked to school
224-house was on Lawrence Street past Lowell Cemetery
233-father worked on Prescott St.
240-Mrs. Crosby remembers she loved school
258-worked after graduation from the Butler School
264-Cook and Taylors Dry Goods on Central Street
282-some confusion between location of Cook and Taylors and furniture store
305-always walked to work
308-St Anne's Church
313-leisure activity, reading, ice skating on Concord River
327-Cartridge Company Explosion 1903
337-remembers casualties being carried away
343-went to Lowell General because it was the biggest hospital
349-Corporation Hospital
357-Cartridge Company was on the corner of Andrews and Lawrence St.
380-Circus on fairgrounds, upper Gorham Street
391-near Gorham Street cemeteries
414-Mr. Callahan, principal Butler School
422-stores in earlier years
430-bookkeeper at Cook and Taylors
433-other downtown stores, Bon Marche, Pollards, O'Donnels
444-0pera House, back Central St
458-train, Lawrence B&M, near cemetary
468-shopping on Saturday afternoon
470-Northern Canal Walkway was a nice place to walk
522-Butler school big for those days
529-Depression o jobs scarce
534-St Anne's Church
54d-father quite strict concerning Sunday observance
561-Lowell is a good city
573-Church suppers
594-husband was a plasterer
603-Mrs Crosby stopped working after marriage

End of interview
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