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Outline of Interview Mar 6, 1975 Edith Pickles
5-born in Lowell 1902
12-moved to Chelmsford during the 1930's
19-born on Moore Street,near Sacred Heart Church
30-father was a Grocer, operated McKinnon's Store
45-closed down in 1927
50-felt effects of the beginning of the Depression
58- there were lots of debtors who didn't pay their grocery bill when the mills declined
72-father later went to work at the Waltham County Hospital
86-Community of Lowell, busy and thriving
98-grocery business different, home deliveries; orders were phoned in
115-prices were lower
123-Depression was sharply felt
134-grocery supplies were bought from wholesalers in Lowell
143-deliveries were made by horse and wagon at first, and later by automobile
156-attended the Riverside school on Woburn Street for nine grades then spent four years in high school
181-the grammar school had separate entrances for boys and girls
189-didn't care for high school because it was too large
203-there were nineteen grammar school graduates,not more than six went to high school l some went to vocational school and some went to work
211-businesses on Lawrence Street Waterhead, Bunting, Hines electric, Sterling Mills
224-Cartridge Company, during World War I, their storage house was where Raytheon is in South Lowell
234-Cartridge Company explosion
258-Mr.Liebrand was at the site but was not injured seriously
270-the Cartridge Company was at the intersection of Andrews and Lawrence Streets
311-Strand,Keith,Opera House between back Central and Gorham Streets
322-Held seasons tickets to the Opera House,attended every Wednesday night attended Keith's Vaudeville every week
335-all the theatres were well attended
347-Restaurants D.L. Page on second floor
356-Greek and Chinese Restaurants
370-department stores in Lowell Pollards, Cook and Taylor, Chalifoux Store Gagnons, corner of Palmer and Merrimack
391-traveled to Boston frequently
407-moved to Chelmsford sometime after marriage which occurred in 1923
439-husband employed by a Mr. Putnam delivering dynamite
475-describes how mill men went to England to attract experienced workers
485-began working at the Adams Library in 1949
492-there was only one full time employee at the time, assisted by two part time employees
500-views on the growth of Chelmsford
503-many changes in the Library
506-building of George Memorial Hall, intended for public use, anyone could use it for cultural purposes
523-Library eventually procured use of George Hall to alleviate lack of space also, the basement was cemented at this time
530-Record room had been used by Historical Society but library needed space so Society had to leave,probably not without some hard feelings
541-newer people in town seem to use Library more than natives
572-Role of the Library in the community
585-new residents were from larger cities, voted larger appropriations
609-story hours popular
652-big demand for Business Research materials and Company ratings
687-numerous phone requests for information

89-as Directors preferred to hire married women, felt they were more dependable and stayed with the job longer younger women were not as serious or reliable
120-none of the staff were trained Librarians while Mrs Pickles was Director
133-no Librarian had a Master's Degree until David Panciera
199-McKay Branch

End of interview
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